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Expert manufacturer of heavy-duty built excavator and wheel loader attachments. We specialize in building customized and standard heavy-duty attachments that perform in extreme conditions.


Uncompromising Quality

Heavy-Duty Build


Competitive Lead Times


—   Full Thumb Rotation

—   Heavy-Duty Build

—   Available for a wide range of machines

Wood Chip

—   Large yardage capacity

—   Built-in screen to monitor loading

—   The ideal balance of weight and strength



Custom Builds

NM Attachments offers custom builds or customizations built onto or adjustments of standard products. Our goal is that customers get the right product that is going to enable higher efficiency and productivity. Do not settle for standardized attachments if the job requires something different. Get in touch with the team at NM Attachments to start a custom build project. Or let us know what the use case is to understand how we can better work together.


Excavator Attachments

At NM Attachments, our specialty is building unique and custom excavator attachments that empower our customers to do more. Get the most out of your equipment and utilize an excavator attachment that fits the use case.


Wheel Loader Attachments

The NM Attachments product range of wheel loader attachments is designed and built for extreme conditions. We work hard to ensure our customers always get a product that is the right fit for the job and has a long use life.